From the Pen of Harold Kent - Founder of Galcom International

Bright Lights for the Future
image In the fall of 1988 as I was sitting in a conference totally consumed in my desire to serve God, He spoke to me and I heard my Father say, "Make fix-tuned radios and distribute them to people around the world who have no way of hearing the Gospel".

In 1965 at the wonderful age of forty when it is said life begins, I was born again into the kingdom of God and Savior Jesus Christ. After seeing my wife Jo Ann give her life to the Lord and then living for Him, I finally said, "Yes". I can say my life made a slight changed after that, but it was in 1968 that a major change took place.

I was approached with the idea of taking a tour to Israel. I didn't think I wanted to go so I put a fleece before the Lord saying that He would have to show me if I were to go. One day in my office, I picked up a magazine about growing vegetables. I had been wondering what would be the best way to water my orange trees and I saw that a system for watering vegetables was featured in this magazine. As I read the article I got excited. I thought "this would work great for trees too". Quickly I looked at the end of the article. The place to find out about this drip irrigation system was in Beersheba, Israel. I realized this was the answer to my fleece before the Lord.

So, in 1968, my wife and I found ourselves on a plane bound for Israel with Derek Prince and his group. As with most tours, the time came when a baptism in the Jordan River would take place. The night before the baptism Derek spoke on the subject. I did not plan to be baptized but as we approached the Jordan, a surprising change began to take place in me. I found myself joining the others in the Jordan River. Thank the Lord I did as my life has not been the same since. I explain in by saying, "my life changed 180 degrees". I was headed for a mediocre life but when I was baptized my life became meaningful and full of the love, grace and the mercy of God. Life became exciting.

Shortly after making Jesus Lord of my life two years before our trip to Israel, my family and I were attending Christian camp. As we were sitting in an assembly of Christians, listening to an anointed message, the Lord gave me a vision. I saw the world. It was a beautiful deep blue but it was totally dark. As I watched, I saw a dot of light appear, then another dot, then another until the whole earth was filled with dots of light. I did not know the meaning of this vision but this picture stayed in my mind. It was many years before I would understand the vision.

My wife, JoAnn, and I have had, for many years, a missions vision to reach the unreached of the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then in 1988, we attended a conference held by Derek Prince Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We had for many years been regular listeners of Derek's 15 minute radio program which was broadcast nationwide at that time. At this conference Derek spoke of desiring to broadcast radio programs on short wave radio so that the Gospel could be preached to those people who lived in major parts of the would who had never heard. The thought crossed my mind, "How do you know if anyone is listening?" In many parts of the world, the people do not have electricity or access to a radio." Even the ones that might have a short wave receiver must by chance tune into the program. It was at that moment I heard my Lord say "make fix-tuned radios and distribute them to people around the world who have no other way of hearing the Gospel". I realized that this Word from God was confirming the vision and that I had previously and it would affect the whole world, allowing people to hear, as the Gospel was sent out on the high powered radio waves.

It is one thing to be given direction to do something, but it is entirely something else to make it come about. I wondered how to find such a fix-tuned radio or if I should have one made. Not knowing much about radio, I did not know where to get them made. The problem that I was now presented with was how to get such a radio designed and produced in quantities and then distributed around the world. I began to pray that God would show me how to do this. I thought about going to China and getting produced radios there. I tried to make some contacts in Hong Kong but to no avail. It was a couple of months later that I would have a major breakthrough.

One day, a friend from Minnesota, Dan Karvonen, was in Tampa on business. He called to invite me to have lunch with him and a gentleman, Ken Crowell, from Israel whom I had not previously met. I had told Dan about my idea of a fix-tuned radio project, At lunch Dan shared some ideas about the radio project and told Ken that I was seeking an answer as to what to do with my vision of making fix-tuned radios. Ken was CEO of Galtronics Electronics LTD located in Tiberius, Israel. As I talked with Ken about my vision for fix-tuned radios, his mouth literally fell open and he became very excited. He related to us that he had been given a like vision of producing fix-tuned radios some time before. Ken excitedly told us that he was an electronics engineer and had spent much time engineering such a radio but had not carried it further as he did not know what to do next. He had placed those plans in an envelope in his desk drawer at home. I knew our contact had to be the leading of the Lord.

The two of us determined to work together on the project. Ken had heard of a man in Canada by the name of Allan McGuirl who had also had the same vision and was working with Gospel Recordings in Ontario. Allan was also acquainted with many missionaries all around the world. He also was acquainted with many mission groups doing Christian radio broadcasting so was well prepared to distribute the radios to the unreached.

We all arranged to attend the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Washington DC and to meet there. In our meeting we all decided to work this calling together. Ken would finish engineering the radio; I would begin funding and Allan would distribute. We would be a three cord strand, not easily broken. On August 15, 1989 GALCOM INTERNATIONAL WAS BORN.

We started radio production in Tiberius, Israel shortly thereafter and our first 40,000 fix-tuned radios were tuned to Voice of Hope AM 945 broadcasting from Lebanon, and were sent into Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Testimonies began to arrive and with that encouragement, production went into full swing. As of this writing, 15 years from that starting point, we have sent out over 410,000 Galcom fix-tuned radios to over 115 countries of the world that only minister the Word of God. They have gone to the most needy parts of the world making the Gospel message available to millions of people who would not have heard the saving message of Jesus Christ in any other way. Most of these radios are solar-powered and fix-tuned only to short wave or local Christian radio stations.

The vision I had way back in 1965, of the world going from darkness to light, was now coming true. I can say today that my heart rejoices as I see the fulfillment of that vision. As we receive testimonies, before my eyes there are many people in the world going from spiritual darkness to Spiritual Light. I can only say, that I am overwhelmed with what God has done, Thank you Lord, for Your faithfulness.    Donate Now