Meet JoAnn Kent

JoAnn's Favorite Scripture
image JoAnn Kent resides in Tampa, Florida. JoAnn is actively involved in serving missions internationally, as well as working with the body of Christ locally. Through her development of Life Builders Bible Studies, JoAnn disciples and ministers to many who are eager to see growth in their spiritual lives. JoAnn's own life is a testimony of how the powerful love of God transforms and gives hope and purpose:

 "Some years ago, my life was on the brink of disaster: fear gripped my heart with such force that I was afraid to be alone, to ride an elevator, to walk across the street, or drive. I was afraid to die, and consequently, afraid to live.

My father-in-law gave me a book to read, The Power Of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale. It touched me deeply, and I knew God had the answer to my problems. I began reading my Bible, though I didn't understand it. I also began praying, but there remained a deep darkness between me and God.

One day I felt as though I was dying, and fear consumed me as never before, so I went to see a minister. He told me the story of the shepherd who went after one lost sheep because he loved it and it was important to him. I felt in my soul a flicker of hope that perhaps God did love me.

After seeing a psychiatrist I was advised to go to a sanitarium for rest and treatment. But my idealistic picture of a resort-like place with swimming, boating, etc., was not what I encountered. All I saw was people suffering. I was running away from suffering, and here I was put right in the midst of it. I kept reading my Bible and praying, but still made no contact with God.

One night as I lay flat on my back, I began talking to God. And for the first time, I listened as God talked back to me! He showed me that I had blamed Him for everything that had happened to me. I confessed my guilt and told Him that if He would heal me I would serve Him the rest of my life. At that moment, a tremendous exhilaration of love exploded in my mind. I saw a great light, then billows of love flowed through me. I'd made contact with God and He gave me His shock treatment-- far greater than any electrical current. I was healed and well on my way to recovery--for I had met God on His terms!

As I began to walk in my healing, I hungered to know God better. I went to a camp meeting and was challenged to commit my life to God completely. I knew in my heart as I prayed that God had answered my prayer and had forgiven me. I felt clean inside, but there was also an emptiness: something within told me I needed to ask God to fill me with His Holy Spirit. Since then, as I have let God have all of me, He has given me peace and joy that surpass all my understanding.

It is now over forty years later and I still love serving Jesus. I can say that even in the hard times, He is faithful!"    Donate Now