"I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed." Psalms 119:46
image Occasionally we will hear a story of how just one radio has reached many people for Christ. It is as if God has sent His angel before each radio and prepared the way. The following are some stories of what just one radio can do in the hands of a Mighty God:

One radio in Haiti Men for Missions International has been distributing Galcom radios in Haiti fix-tuned to 4VEH Christian radio in Cape Haitian as part of Operation Saturation Haiti. During a recent trip to Haiti they decided to follow the steps of just one radio to access the results of the Galcom Go-Ye radio outreach. Here is what was reported by Gene Bertolet, OpSat Prayer Coordinator:

"One of the outstanding events during a recent trip to Haiti by a Men for Missions group was to follow the steps of one radio which had been given to an EE technician, who in turn had given the solar powered radio to her father. After listening to Radio 4VEH for about three months, her father accepted Jesus as his Savior. He then gave the radio to his friend, a witch doctor. The witch doctor, too, accepted the Lord.

"One morning this young EE technician took our team to the home of her father, about 45 minutes away. As the father gave his clear testimony others gathered around. After two hours 17 more people had accepted the Lord.

"Then they went to the witch doctor's home, which was a fifteen minute walk through the countryside into a valley. As they came up to his home, there was a white cloth covered table with a Galcom solar-powered radio in the middle of it.

"When the witch doctor came out of the house, he graciously seated his guests. Once again they heard a clear testimony of salvation. He said, 'No one comes to me as a witch doctor anymore, for they know I have accepted Jesus.' Twelve of his thirteen children had accepted Christ, but not his wife. As people gathered around, one of our team walked over to the witch doctor's wife who was shelling corn. In a caring manner he talked to her and others nearby. At the close of their time together, five more had accepted the Lord, including the witch doctor's wife. "One of the team members said, 'As I think about Operation Saturation - from this one radio, 36 people accepted the Lord. What an investment.' And this all happened within the space of four months. "

Gene Bartolet

Operation Saturation has already distributed over 15,000 Galcom Go-Ye radios in Haiti in the last two years. Galcom has produced and distributed throughout the world over 420,000 fix-tuned radios in the last 15 years. This story from Haiti shows the outreach of just one radio and also the potential outreach of 420,000 Go-Ye radios in the hands of the Lord. Our God is an awesome God and He can take something small and make it bear large results.
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One Radio In Ecuador:

We recently heard about a village in Ecuador where 98% of the people were saved through one Galcom radio. A missionary pastor in Ecuador, Felix Liclan, related to us the following story:

"A few weeks ago one of the pastors in the Association of Interdenominational churches here in Ecuador, returned from a 10 day mission trip with three young people from his church. They found a village at the mouth of a river where they intended to do mission work, both in the village and up river from them. What they found was that 98% of this village at the mouth of the river were already Christians. Earlier someone had given them one Galcom fix-tuned radio and they had attached it to an external speaker so that the entire village could listen to the Gospel programming. Also, without prompting from the visiting missionaries, they offered themselves, their homes, and their village as the center of operations for mission trips to evangelize upstream and throughout the district. What impacts us is that they have been and continue to be discipled in Christ by that one missionary radio."

Pastor Felix Liclan

One Radio AGAIN In Ecuador:

A report from Good Shepherd Radio station in Ecuador:

One morning a local shoemaker was running the station's morning 6:00 a.m. programming as a volunteer. A Quechua Indian, with his wife and family came into the station. The Indian man explained that they had come a great distance from a remote village. This village had only one "Go-Ye" radio which they hung in a tree so that the entire village could gather and listen to the Gospel broadcasts in the Quechua language. He and his family had been listening to the program for some time and he took up an offering for the radio station. He came to deliver the offering to the station which amounted to a little less than $1.00 US. He and his family walked 10 hours to a bus stop then rode the bus for four more hours. After he presented the offering to the station he asked how he and his family could come to know Jesus. The shoemaker station operator put on a long play album for the morning broadcast and then went outside with the Indian family and led the entire family to the Lord. That family left full of joy with the new gift of eternal life."

One Radio In Panama:

His reach has no boundaries.

Recently a Christian missionary was traveling on a remote trail in a jungle area of Panama. He was stopped by a local villager and when the villager found out he was a Christian he asked the missionary if he would come into the village and serve communion to the Christians of that community. The Christian worker asked if any other missionary, pastor or evangelist had been to the village. The man said "No but there are a large number of Christians in the village." The Christian worker asked how they had heard about Jesus, and the man pulled out a radio tuned to the HCJB station there. He said they had been saved and started a village church listening to this little radio and now they wanted someone to come and serve them communion.

It seems that an angel of The Lord had gone before this missionary and prepared the way.

One Radio In Puerto Rico:

Bars cannot keep Him out.

Janet Lattrell has a prison ministry to as many as 6000 prisoners in Puerto Rico. One of the prisoners named "Big John" was very hostile toward everyone but she was able to get him to accept a Galcom radio. He later testified that as he listened to Christian radio he learned how his burdens could be lifted if he received the Lord. He did repent and accept Christ then asked Janet to start a Bible study in his cell block.

He said that the very day she gave him the radio he was going to commit suicide. The Gospel through this one radio saved his life, his soul, and lifted his burdens. Now there is a Bible study in "Big John's" cell block with many souls being brought into the Kingdom because of one Galcom Go-Ye radio.

One Radio In Bolivia:

Bob and Beth White moved to Cochabamba, Bolivia in May of 2002 to be a part of the ministry there to reach the 2.2 million Quechua Indians living throughout that country. They have established Mosoj Chaski Christian radio broadcasting in the Quechua language to the entire country. The following is a testimony of the results of one radio given to a Quechua man:

"A little while back some folks were out in the country giving out Galcom solar powered radios which only pick up the Quechua radio station from Cochabamba. Some men from a village some distance away asked what their ministry was all about, so the team gave them one radio and sent them home. Later they heard that because of this one radio, there are now 10 families from their village who want to become Christians. The area where these men live is a totally unreached, unchurched area, but now, through one Go-Ye radio, there are 10 families who want to know the Lord. Two evangelists went out to this area (about a 4 hour drive) to explain the way of Salvation to these families and to encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

"Please pray especially that Satan will be held back and that these families will have total freedom from the fear of bondage that they have had in their animistic religion and that they will come to know Jesus in a real life changing way. Pray for the community where they live, that the other people there will also want to know Jesus. Satan will want to play havoc in that area now, so pray that nothing will happen that could cause the rest of the community to blame Christianity for the things that go wrong. We are so excited to see a new community being won for Christ through Christian radio with only one Go-Ye radio, and are looking forward to what Jesus will do in that area through these new believers."

Bob and Beth White

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