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– To see the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to every tribe, tongue and nation –

Solar-Powered Radios

Tuned to Christian radio stations worldwide.

image The ministry of Galcom International has a unique way of sending the Gospel message to those who have never heard, using modern technology. Our goal is to help churches and mission organizations send out the Gospel with radio and other hi-tech tools for the harvest. Started in 1989, this ministry has indeed sent the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. Galcom International USA, Inc. is the "not for profit" organization in the US that works together with Galcom International in Canada to send "GO-YE" radios (as well as some other "Hi-Tech" tools for the harvest) out onto the mission field.

Audio Bibles

Listen to God's Word on a MegaVoice.

imageMegaVoice provides solar charged, digital audio Bibles and players. MegaVoice also maintains an expansive Scripture audio library with 8,400 Scripture titles in 4,615 languages and dialects. Scripture titles, with playback times ranging from a few minutes to 800 hours’ duration, can be loaded onto the growing line of digital audio players. The MegaVoice Envoy S and S Dual come with onboard memory, which is programmable through the USB port using the MegaVoice Smart Loading System, making it simple and secure for your ministry to update content.